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Services of Power Fusion Pipeline Network LLC


Power Fusion is an established organization based on quality & efficient customer service. We win the full confidence of our customers by providing them our services with full sincerity and to their utmost satisfaction.

Our specializations are:

» HDPE Butt Fusion
» Electro Fusion Welding for Diameter up to 1200mm
» Field Insulation works for Pre Insulated Pipes
» Laying & Testing of all kind of Pipes


Power Fusion comprises a dedicated team of skilled and efficient fabricators who using high quality equipment ensure the peak level of quality assurance for all HDPE fabrication that we undertake. Our expertise, background, experience, and training has given us a competitive advantage in this field. We, at Power Fusion, are committed to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

With its team of highly skilled and trained welders Power Fusion fabricates HDPE products to suit your specific application. Our HDPE division is involved in the field of fabrication and jointing services. These can be done at site or in-house, whichever best fits the requirement of the project at hand.

Power Fusion is also involved in fabricating joints for high pressure lines, de-watering lines, drainage lines and chemical lines.

Power Fusion has an inventory of quality pipes and fittings that are used for fabrication and site installations that ensure long term durability.

Some of the items commonly fabricated include:

» Butt welded equal and reducing tees
» Segmented bends, sweep bends & ‘y’ bends
» Pipe spools
» Puddle flanges
» HDPE Floating Pontoons.
» Floating Dredging Pipes


The welding team of Power Fusion includes highly skilled and trained welders who are able to carry out a wide variety of HDPE welding jobs.

Power Fusion provides plant engineering and onsite welding and commissioning services to ensure a quality jointed piping system at site. Our technicians use electro fusion, butt fusion, socket fusion and extrusion welding methods to effect good joints.


Power Fusion also provides pressure testing services to ensure that welded joints have been made to the highest standards. This can be completed as part of a project delivery or as a stand alone service.

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